5 Stages of Grief And Depression

5 Stages of Grief and Depression. It can be a devastating experience to go through when losing someone to death, divorce, or losing their life to illness. This is the first stage where denial sets in. denial basically stops us from feeling the sorrow, pain, anger, and other emotions associated with the loss of a loved one.

The next stage is when we begin to feel sadness, this is usually followed by bargaining with ourselves to avoid feeling the sadness. Bargaining usually ends up getting us further away from our feelings of loss. The third stage is when we start to show signs of depression. The four stages can seem like a never-ending process, but they are all related to the final stage. When we have reached this stage, we are in the most severe emotional state and are often not able to control the out of control emotions.   

The five stages of grief and loss are important to recognize because they each represent a different level of loss. We must learn how to deal with each stage appropriately. When one stage ends we must move on to the next. Each stage represents an important step in the healing process.

The first stage of grief deals with the immediate loss of the loved one. We may hear or see their memorial or hear about their legacy from others. It helps to know what happened and why this loss is occurring. Grief can bring peace to our hearts when we understand the cause of the loss.

The second stage is dealing with the loss of a person's identity. There can be sudden changes of address and appearance, mood changes, withdrawal from things that were familiar, and confusion about time. Identity issues can be draining but understanding them can help us heal. The third stage relates to guilt and thoughts of worthlessness. Guilt about the loss and a feeling of "I could have done something" are common feelings.

The fourth stage is the stabilization. It includes reassurance that life will go on. Acceptance and gratitude for the loss and the fact that it is temporary are present. There is work to be done but the loss is not a tragedy.

The fifth stage is experiencing restoration. This might include gaining control of emotions and thoughts. A sense of accomplishment can arise from grief. Knowledge about grief can be shared and healing processes begin. The focus is on having the ability to care for oneself and others.

These five stages are the normal range of grief but there are occasions when they are reversed. If the death of a loved one is unexpected or even if you have not expected the loss, you may go through a period of undiagnosed grief. This is called post-loss depression. Understanding these stages of grief and how they relate to yourself and others can greatly enhance your ability to recover.


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