How To Practice Kasina Meditation

The term "Kasina" (also pronounced:" Kashinah") is an ancient Hindu term used to describe a state of mental peace and inner happiness. According to the teachings of the Hindu tradition, all material desires of this world should be abandoned, since true happiness arises only when one leaves his or her desires behind. This is the reason that true lovers of life should practice meditation - to abandon the egotistic pursuit for material wealth and create a state of eternal bliss with their beloved. In fact, true lovers of life should abandon all worldly pleasures in order to practice Yoga meditation, which in turn can lead them to Ultimate Truth. 

True Yoga meditation begins with the realization of the following truth: All things begin from "I" or Self. In fact, all things are void of divinity and are "empty" of any intrinsic nature. Everything has a meaning that can be discovered, be it loving-kindness, compassion, sympathy, etc... Kasina translates into active meditation, as it requires the devotee to contemplate on the qualities that he/she wants to transform in his/her own life. The ultimate aim of this process is to achieve nad panevad prostatiidi jaoks tilgiti, which is an act of leaving everything, including one's ego, behind in order to experience the oneness of Oneness.

The second truth of the matter is that all desires are futile because they cannot be realized. Desireful thought creates dissatisfaction in the devotee, thus negating his or her efforts to transform dissatisfaction into fulfillment. This makes him or her realize the futility of all desires; desires are meaningless when they are not fulfilled. Yoga, in the form of Yoga meditation, trains the mind to contemplate the eternal and the inconceivable.

The third truth of the matter is that all actions that we take are motivated by an inner need to survive, just as animals seek out food and drink to sustain their lives. The human species is no different from other animals in this regard. One's survival in the world comes down to the quality of food and drink that one takes; without these, no life is possible. This is the essence of the "Royal College of Vedic Psychology", whose founder, Chaitanya Bharatresh, understood the psychology of human desire and hunger very clearly. The aim of this discipline is to help people overcome their base instincts and turn them into non-consuming beings.

To do this, the student must first understand and recognize the Oneness of Oneness: For every single person existing in this universe, all desires are connected with the Oneness of Oneness. Once a person understands the Oneness of Oneness, he/she will be able to transcend desires and be contented with the Oneness of this world. However, to attain this, one must learn how to control the emotion of appetite. A master who has achieved the Oneness of Oneness can control hunger naturally and will not experience cravings.

Therefore, in order to practice kasina meditation, it is important to realize and accept this fact. One can control kasina through discipline, but this is not a state of true peace and joy. This is because true peace and joy are achieved through control, not through will power. So, learn how to control your emotions, and then try to control them. Only then will you experience a sense of Oneness and find true joy and peace.


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