How To Sit During Zen Meditation

How to sit during Zen meditation does not differ much from how you sit in any other meditative exercise. It is simply a question of finding the right posture and being comfortable while you are sitting there. The first thing that you should do is to relax your whole body and then close your eyes. This will allow you to focus your mind and become more aware of the sensations that your body is feeling. It can be a bit tiring to sit still for a long time, but if you can make it happen then you will soon find yourself meditating at will.

Once you have been able to relax your entire body, it is time to start practicing how to sit during Zen meditation. Start by lying down on the cushion and then close your eyes. As your eyes are closed, you should begin to visualize an image of a tree or mountain, in Zen practice, this can be a bright yellow or something similar. You should try and keep the image stable and in the center of your visualized world.

If you have ever been to a place where you had a lot of thoughts going through your head, then you are familiar with how to sit during Zen meditation. You should now find a peaceful spot where you can close your eyes. If you have trouble seeing with only one eye open, then you may want to wear a mask so that both your eyes can see clearly. As you continue to close your eyes in preparation for meditation, you should notice that your mind begins to get heavier. This is caused by the heavy concentration that you are putting into your meditation.

Now that you have successfully gained comfort and stability in your meditation, it is time to start learning how to relax your breathing. You need to find a comfortable place where you will be able to concentrate on nothing but the sounds of the ocean and the calmness that it provides. Think about birds or whales and the sounds that they make. You should find your mental focus to be very heavy or else you will begin to feel anxious and clammy inside. Once your breathing becomes steady, you are ready to learn meditative practices.

Another important part of how to sit during Zen meditation is the willingness of your eyes to stay shut. This is an important part of your visualization exercises because if your eyes are open, you may begin to doze off or even look around the room when doing your Zen exercises. Your mind will begin to wander or you may even start to hyperventilate. Once your eyes are closed, your mind will be calm and still and therefore you will have more control over your visualization exercises.

A final tip on how to sit during Zen meditation is to ensure that you are comfortable with your body's position. Always keep in mind that you should not be stiff or hunched over when meditating. Always remember that your body needs to be relaxed and at ease so as not to startle yourself or end up moving or swaying inside of your chair.


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