How to Recover From Fear

How to Recover from Fear... or more importantly, how to recover from fear - is a question I'm asked all the time. It is not an easy answer to a question as big as this, but I have learned through years of practice, "It's all about the question". How to recover from fear, How to overcome fear, How to be happy in a crisis, fear, stress, trauma, recovery, healing, find peace, heal, treat, fix, catch a falling star, follow the leader, love what you believe, and live free of charge. All quick questions to help get you on the road to recovery. So here goes...

Here's a little story. My favorite life moment was right after I'd given birth to my first puppy, a beautiful Maltese named Rainbow. I was holding her in my arms the first time and just enjoying the special connection with her. This little girl would grow to be a wonderful, loving mother, and I enjoyed it so much during those first 3 weeks of her life - learning about her mind and body, all the cute little behaviors, the way she purrs when she wants your attention, and even though we were constantly fighting, I loved her.

Then one day we were at the dog park, and I made the mistake of talking to a little bit of a rowdy puppy, and I didn't think about how I was going to explain to Rainbow what happened next. So I just said, "I guess Rainbow doesn't know, but I did!" I heard the entire group of the park goes nuts, and then I was left alone with my new darling. At that point, I didn't even think about how scared I was for thinking like that, or what would happen the next day.

Well, let me tell you that I did NOT learn how to recover from the fear and anxiety that day. I just sat there in shock. This is when I decided to find another approach on how to recover from fear and anxiety, one that was natural, not rushed. There are ways to help you overcome the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, but it takes patience, dedication, and a willingness to really work on yourself. One thing that has helped me is breathing exercises.

By breathing slowly and deeply, through your nose and out your mouth, you can train yourself to relax. Deep breathing exercises are a great way to learn how to recover from fear and anxiety because they teach your body to relax and feel relief quickly. They are effective, safe exercises that are easy and fun to do, and they can help you feel recovery from post-traumatic stress quickly!

After learning how to recover from fear and anxiety with deep breathing, I went on to find other methods on how to recover from fear and anxiety. What helped me the most was NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a unique type of therapy that focuses on reprogramming the way that you think about and respond to stress. It is based on a system of twelve cognitive-behavioral treatments known as "neuro-linguistic programming." NLP works by helping you uncover those negative beliefs and replace them with more positive and realistic ones, which make up the foundation of most of your positive thought processes.


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